Sun Screen Fabric Blinds

Sunscreen fabrics have revolutionized roller blinds to provide a modern and functional solution for internal windows.

What seems to be quite magical is the ability of the fabric to provide a one-way view. It is possible to see out through the fabric if your inside whilst others on the outside cannot see in. How this feature really works is an optical illusion.

Because the fabric has an open weave, it is possible to see through the fabric of a darker area to a lighter area. Which typically means that during the day, you can see from the inside of a home or office to the outdoors. This is because it is brighter outside than inside. So what happens at night?

At night, it is typically brighter inside a home or office than it is outside therefore, you probably won’t be able to see from the inside of the home to the outdoors, but others outside will be able to see inside! So…consider the consequences!

Given that the fabric’s one-way viewing property can change, sun screen fabric is really only suitable for living areas. It can however be coupled with blockout blind to make a dual blind for the bedroom areas so at night time, the blockout fabric blind is rolled down to provide night time privacy.

Table 1. Summary of Features for different window blind fabric styles

Feature Sun Screen Light Filter (LF) Block Out (BO)
Ability to see though the fabric Yes No No
Provide Day Time Privacy Yes Yes Yes
Provide Night Time Privacy No Yes Yes
Let the light through Yes Yes No
Block the light out No No Yes