Roman Blinds

DIY Fabric & Roman Blinds

All Roman blinds from Blinds Wholesale are manufactured of the highest quality fabrics. Roman blinds are chosen as the designer's favorite with their elegant sleek and always stylish looks, giving every room a comforting feeling with our choice of neutral fabric colours to match any decor.

  • Beachsand Range
  • African Wild Range

White BO

Pearl BO

Straw BO

Putty BO

Dune BO

Latte BO

Mocha BO

Pebble BO

Seal BO

Slate BO

Storm BO

White LF

Pearl LF

Putty LF

Straw LF

Latte LF

Pebbel LF

Polar BO

Llama BO

Onyx BO

Meer BO

Chamois BO

Alpaca BO

Gazelle BO

Mamba BO

Panter BO

Polar LF

Llama LF

Onyx LF

Meer LF

Chamois LF

Alpaca LF

Gazelle LF

Mamba LF

Panther LF