Dual Roman & Roller Blinds

 Created: May 23, 2017

Layering up the window for practicality and elegance using dual blinds.

Dual blinds or Day/ Night blinds are the terms used to label the use of two roller blinds on the one window with larger offset brackets. This combination sets your room up for the best thermal control and most effective way to get privacy in any corner of the house or office. Whether it be a bedroom or lounge room, controlling thermal transfer of heat and cold air makes for a cosier home all year round.

Similarly, the use of a translucent or light filtering roller blind, over laid with a soft fold roman blind, gives you the same thermal and light control, but with the use of upholstery fabric and greater choice of pattern and design on the window. Perhaps a more elegant and designed interior finish, linens, silks and cotton fabrics to choose from. Even wool can be transformed into a soft fold roman blind.

The use of a white, translucent roller blind, allows light to enter the room but provides adequate privacy during the day. The light filtering fabric, tends to give the room a soft glow when the sun hits it, maximising the light entering a small window.

The block out option over the top of the white roller blind completes the look, both functionally and aesthetically. The roman blind will cut out heat and cold transfer through the glass and give maximum privacy at night when the light is on inside.

This combination has an endless array of choice, roman blinds with roller blinds behind are a functional choice for any room in the house.To achieve any of the looks above, let Blindswholesale.com.au help you with your choice of fabric.

(Pictures referenced from Todhunter Earl)

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Dual Roman & Roller Blinds

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