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Sun Screen Blinds

Our sunscreen blinds are highly function with a sophisticated colour palate to meet every need.

Sun Screen Blind has enable the sun to be controlled whilst still retaining your view to the outside.

Sunscreen blinds can function as:

- Colour selection is important depending on the issue you are trying to resolve.

-If it is glare you are trying to solve then, choose a darker colour such as charcoal or Charcoal Sable

-If it is heat you are trying to solve then, choose a lighter colour such as white or white linen.

If your not sure what issues you have, consider the compass direction that the window faces. If it faces East, there will be morning sun that can be glary and hot during the summer. If it faces North, the sun will be higher in summer than in winter. During the winter, glare may be an issue. If you have little in the way of roof overhang or eave line, it may also get direct sun in summer and be quite hot. If the window faces west, it will certainly be hot and glary in the afternoon. If facing south, the window will get little sun during winter and quite a bit of sun in the morning and late afternoon. Typically there is not a big issue with heat or glare for south facing windows.

Step 1  Choose your sunscreen fabric

Step 2  Choose your blind style

Step 3  Choose how to control your sunscreen blind, manual or automatic.

  • Coastal Range
  • Boston Range
  • Beachsand Range
  • African Wild Range

White LF

Natural LF

Barley LF


White LF

Chalk LF

Dune LF

Quarry LF

Lava LF

White LF

Pearl LF

Putty LF

Straw LF

Latte LF

Pebbel LF

Polar LF

Llama LF

Onyx LF

Meer LF

Chamois LF

Alpaca LF

Gazelle LF

Mamba LF

Panther LF