Light Filter Fabrics

Light filter fabric blinds enable light to be transmitted into a room. The weave is typically very tight, making is very hard to see through. The advantage of this is that window blinds made from light filter fabric will provide privacy day and night.

Beware the Light filter Fabrics that are really like a Sun Screen Fabric

At Blinds Wholesale, we have selected and labeled our fabrics as a light filter because they meet the criteria of letting light through but also providing privacy day and night.

There are, however (in our opinion) many mislabeled Light filter fabrics in other marketplaces that have an open weave. This means they won’t provide you with a night time privacy.

The best way to test a fabric is to get a sample and then hold it up to the light. If you can see objects on the other side, it is closer to a sunscreen fabric. This means the fabric won’t provide night time privacy.

Colour makes a difference with seeing through a fabric. It is always easier to see though a darker colour than it is a lighter colour. Lighter colours also transmit the light better.

Most of the time, the reason people want a light filtering fabric is for light transmittance and privacy, therefore our most popular light filter colour are in the white range.

Table 1. Summary of Features for different window blind fabric styles

Feature Sun Screen Light Filter (LF) Block Out (BO)
Ability to see though the fabric Yes No No
Provide Day Time Privacy Yes Yes Yes
Provide Night Time Privacy No Yes Yes
Let the light through Yes Yes No
Block the light out No No Yes