Blockout : Roller Blinds

Blockout blinds are designed to blackout the light from the sun. They are typically used in bedrooms or perhaps in a TV room.

There are four grades of blackout blinds

  1. First is a translucent blind or Light Filtering Blind (See Light Filtering) – let's light come through the fabric, the lighter the fabric colour, the more light comes through. So a white translucent blind will appear to glow brightly on a sunny day.
    Second is a Dim out Blind – lets a small amount of light through, fabric may glow slightly during a bright sunny day
  2. Third is a Blockout Blind, no light comes through the fabric but, light will come around the edge of the fabric.
  3. Forth is a Full Blockout Blind no light comes through the fabric and most light is stopped from around the edge of the fabric because the fabric actually run inside a channel and the fabric is rolled into a head box.

Blackout blinds can be styled as romans, rollers and panel glides and full blockout. Note that venetian blinds do let through quite a bit light between the slats and around the edge, so don’t fall into the category of a blackout blinds.

Step 1  Choose your sunscreen fabric

Step 2  Choose your blind style

Step 3  Choose how to control your sunscreen blind, manual or automatic.

  • Woodlands Range
  • Coastal Range
  • Flora Range
  • Boston Range
  • Beachsand Range

Bright White Blockout

Bronze Blockout

Charcoal Blockout

Charcoal Bronze Blockout

Grey Blockout

Linen Blockout

White Grey Blockout

White Linen Blockout

White Stone Blockout









White BO

Chalk BO

Dune BO

Quarry BO

Lava BO

White BO

Pearl BO

Straw BO

Putty BO

Dune BO

Latte BO

Mocha BO

Pebble BO

Seal BO

Slate BO

Storm BO

Polar BO

Llama BO

Onyx BO

Meer BO

Chamois BO

Alpaca BO

Gazelle BO

Mamba BO

Panther BO