Blockout Fabric Blinds

When Blockout fabrics are used on a window blind, the fabric will block out the light as well as provide privacy day and night. To achieve the blockout feature, a coating is typically applied to back of the blind. Most of the time, this coating is white in colour, although sometimes, a fabric range may have the same coloured backing as the fabric colour.

The backing colour is important as this is what you will see from the street. It is also what impacts the ability of the blind to control heat.

A white coloured backing will reflect heat very effectively. A dark coloured backing may be a preferred street view colour of the windows, however, this will come at the cost of increase solar heat absorption.

At Blinds wholesale most of our blockout fabrics have a 3-pass acrylic foam coating in a white colour. The 3-pass coating on the window blind will achieve a full light block.

Please note that just because the fabric is 100% lighter block it doesn’t mean that all light will be stopped from entering through a window. A roller blind will have a gap between the fabric and all four edges of a window reveal (top bottom left and right) This will mean that light bleeds through these gaps into the room.

If you're after the best possible light block solution that eliminates all light gaps, then consider a heavy weight curtain with pelmets or a full block roller blind. Both of these are not on our web site, however we can provide these for you if you call us.

Table 1. Summary of Features for different window blind fabric styles

Feature Sun Screen Light Filter (LF) Block Out (BO)
Ability to see though the fabric Yes No No
Provide Day Time Privacy Yes Yes Yes
Provide Night Time Privacy No Yes Yes
Let the light through Yes Yes No
Block the light out No No Yes