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Understanding how window blinds work and function is essential to creating a design that not only looks good but, functions well too.

In the section below, we continue to provide updates about aspects of design that can influence the interior design of your window coverings, if you're considering a sunscreen fabric, have a look at the article about choosing the right sunscreen fabric, it is very interesting and a must read before you buy.

To help designers make the right decision, we have a resident architect who has devoted her time to design and selection of window coverings. Whilst Fiona loves and is passionate about more complex issues and design, she is also very practical and can teach designers the basics of what is important to know about window treatments. Our business has presented too many architectural practices who actually pay for attendance. By attending these sessions, architects receive CPD points towards professional development and training. So, by reading information on this page and sharing your thoughts you may be in better hands with making decisions on window coverings with Blindswholesale.

Here are some articles written by Fiona Thomson (Architect) that can help with making the right decision:

Facts about Window Blinds; when buying online blinds, you need to get the facts See More...


I'm to poor to make a wrong decision

March 23, 2012

A good friend of mine Al, who is a highly respected teacher once said to me: I'm too poor to make the wrong decision. This didn't mean he was poor, as he had a good job, it didn't also mean he was wealthy. What it meant was that he couldn't afford to spend the sam e money twice nor, did he have the time to make the decision again and wait for a new solution to arrive. When it comes to buying blinds online, Al would make sure he got the right information before making a decision.

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Function of Window Blinds; when buying online blinds you need to get the blind design right. See More...


Choosing the right internal sunscreen fabric for window blinds

February 11, 2015

There are many different sunscreen fabrics that can be chosen to solve problems with the sun. There are also many different myths about how sunscreen fabrics work. This article looks purely at sunscreen fabrics from a layman's perspective and to dispel these myths and to help people make an informed choice about the right sunscreen fabric on roller blinds, roman blinds, panel glides and other window treatments. I once had a conversation with a person passing by who was convinced by a salesperson from another company that there was a mythical fabric that allowed you to see to the outside and it also gave you privacy day and night. She purchased the blinds based on the sales person's advice. For a year or so she had been behaving according to myth that no one could see in. When I actually showed her what people could see at night time, she couldn't believe it and went quite red. She had been behaving like nobody was watching for at least a year!

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Luxury window coverings for the home

February 17, 2015

Think luxury Windows when you are planning a renovation.

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Design of Window Blinds; when buying online blinds you need to get the blind design right. See More...


Add Instant capital Investment to Your Home

February 18, 2015

Adding capital investment to your home. It's quick and easy to do, we have all the advice that you need to do the easy capital improvement yourself. Go for all the best quality custom made blinds and romans and add once to get the full impact and the best result on auction day.

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Starting your own Interior Design Business?

February 18, 2015

Starting an Interior design Business? Do you know all the components of a roller blind so that you can make the right choice for your client. I will teach you all that you need to know at Roller blinds, roman blind, Panel glides Venetians and curtains if you need that too. Interior designers need to know the details to avoid making a mistake, be able to inform the client of the very best outcome for their home or office.

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Cheap Blinds, Cheap Roller Blinds, Cheap Roman Blinds, Cheap Venetian Blinds

February 18, 2015

Cheap Blinds, Cheap Roller Blinds, Cheap Roman Blinds, Cheap Venetian Blinds.... Doesn't that leave you with an uneasy feeling. At Blindswholesale cheap doesn't mean inferior quality.

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